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Stockfleet Global advises candidates and legal employers to help them create long-lasting quality matches. As an independent legal search consultant, I focus on building relationships and am concerned with quality rather than quantity in my placements. With over seven years of experience as a career advisor at Harvard Law School, I understand both the concerns of graduates from top law schools and the difficulties law firms face in hiring and retaining elite lawyers. I focus my legal searches on associate placements and have an additional expertise finding qualified internationally-trained lawyers to meet your firm's growing global needs.

A Tailor-Made Approach

I am firmly committed to helping candidates discover what the best placement is for them. I am also committed to working with employers to understand the qualities they are looking for in a candidate. Having worked with Harvard Law School alumni, I realize that some headhunters push candidates to take jobs which simply are not right for them. I believe that such a strategy is not beneficial to either the candidate, the firm, or the legal search consultant. Like traditional legal search firms, I work on a fee-per-placement basis for private sector employers, however, I will also post public sector jobs on my website pro bono to assist international organizations in their searches for top-quality lawyers. I am happy to speak with interested candidates and employers by either phone or skype videoconference. Click here for contact information.

Considering Your Next Career Move Law firm associates are operating in a fast-paced world, with little time to think about their next move or consider what they like and do not like about their current job. Whether you are relocating, trying to move to a firm with a better match for your practice area goals, or simply looking for a new environment, it is important to think out your rationale and make a strategic plan. I am happy to talk with you about your plans, assess whether now is a right time for you to move, and take a holistic approach to seeing what makes sense for your particular situation. I will treat you like an individual, rather than a commodity.

Global Searches In this global market, recruiting professionals often find themselves searching for laterals with a very specific international background, language skills, or knowledge base. During my work at Harvard, I have received numerous calls from firms who have used headhunters to collect resumes but went through stacks of non-relevant resumes, for example, receiving a pile of Spanish speakers when they advertised for a Portuguese speaker. With years of experience working with the top candidates from around the world, I understand the needs of your search and will present you with candidates who fit your needs.

Before Using a Headhunter Make sure that the headhunter you choose will represent you as well as or better than you represent yourself. While there are excellent professionals in the search business, there are also some search firms just looking to make a quick buck. Protect your reputation and click here to find some guidelines on using a headhunter before you start your next search.

Understanding Employers' Needs During my years at Harvard, I have worked with major U.S.-based and internationally-based firms to discuss their needs and help them with outreach in a very competitive recruiting market. I am eager to help firms target the strongest candidates, and I understand the right questions to ask to make sure you get exactly the candidates you are seeking.

Confidentiality and Discretion Most candidates are looking for someone who can help them conduct a confidential search, since their current employer does not know they are seeking new opportunities. I will help you prepare your materials, and consult with you about each step in the strategy we devise for your search. You will always be kept up to date on which employers have received your materials and when. I will never send out your resume without your express consent. Click here to find out more about beginning to strategize with me on your next move.

International Organization Opportunities & Pro BonoSince many lawyers looking to make lateral moves are also interested in moving to an international organization, I will list, free of charge, on this website, information about jobs in international organizations. Please feel free to send me any listings for posting on this site. Also, some of my former advisees are now working on starting charities and supporting public interest organizations in their home countries. As a public service, I will list requests for pro bono assitance from law firm programs and clinical programs, and hope to link up worthy projects with top notch legal assistance. Click here for a list of current projects seeking help.

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